Predicting landslides

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Predicting landslides

Landslide in Cusco, Peru.

A new technology that can predict landslides up to 15 days in advance has proved successful using sample datasets. It is now ready for further validation and software development. Talk to us about licensing or direct investment opportunities.

The technology

This is a robust method based on comprehensive mathematical, scalable modelling of forces, motion and interactions of particles. Allowing for the prediction of landslides up to 15 days in advance. It uses standard data collected for monitoring open-pit mines

Market need

Current methods of landslide predication use data from ground-based radar and / or X-ray sensors. They can only give limited notice of an event occurring, enough time for personnel evacuation but not always for equipment evacuation.

Technology status

This technology has been robust across various datasets. The method now requires further validation and software development.


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Predicting Landslides flyer (PDF)

Image: Galeria del Ministerio de Defensa del PerĂº via Wikimedia Commons under CC-BY-2.0.