Funding opportunities for industry

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Did you know there are funding opportunities available for our research partners? If you have a new idea or a pressing challenge to solve, we can help you find a researcher and funding support.

You can access a range of grants and schemes depending on your sector and your research goals. Opportunities are available for renewable energy activities, industry R&D or healthcare policy. Or research that creates economic, cultural or social benefits.

We work with industry, government, community and not-for-profit organisations to solve their big challenges. Discover how we can support you on your research journey.

Contact industry enquiries to find out the most appropriate funding opportunity for your project. Our team will discuss your needs with you and provide advice.

Funding opportunities

These incentives support collaborative research and development (R&D) projects in a range of fields.

Australian Renewables Energy Agency (ARENA)

ARENA supports renewable energy activities through its funding programs. These programs help to develop technologies and improve investor confidence in your project.

Funding programs span the innovation chain. This includes research in the laboratory, through to large-scale pre-commercial deployment activities.

The Research and Development program supports priority renewable energy technologies in competitive rounds.

The Advancing Renewables program is available in open call or competitive rounds. It supports activities that:

  • reduce the cost or increase the value delivered of renewable energy
  • advance renewable energy technologies towards commercial readiness
  • reduce or remove barriers to uptake
  • increase relevant skills, capacity and knowledge.

Contact industry enquiries for more information.

ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs

These research hubs provide funding for R&D partnerships between industry and universities. The hubs encourage projects that help solve the big problems facing our industries today, and transform Australian industries.

Contact industry enquiries for more information.

ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre

These training centres provide funding for R&D partnerships between industry and universities. They foster close partnerships between university-based researchers and the industry members who will use the research outcomes.

Contact industry enquiries for more information.

CRC Program – Cooperative Research Centres

The Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Program encourages industry-led collaboration between industry and research. The CRC Program specifically aims to increase the involvement of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) by removing barriers. It has two streams of activity:

  • the traditional CRC, which supports medium–to long term industry-led collaborations
  • CRC-Projects (CRC-Ps), which support short term, industry-led research

Contact industry enquiries for more information.

Corporative Research Centres Projects (CRC-Ps)

The Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-Ps) support short term industry-led research. They are smaller collaborations with simpler governance, administration arrangements and less funding.

Contact industry enquiries for more information.

Linkage Projects

Linkage projects support long-term collaborative research alliances between higher education organisations and other bodies. This may include industry or end users. The scheme creates opportunities that drive national economic, social or cultural benefits.

Proposals must involve a partner organisation from outside the higher education sector.

Contact industry enquiries for more information.

NHMRC Partnerships Projects

Partnership projects improve health and health care policy and practice. The projects create partnerships between decision makers, policy makers, managers, clinicians and researchers. They work together to define research questions and undertake research. The projects also enable the interpretation of the research and application of findings.

Contact industry enquiries for more information.

Victorian Future Industries Fund

The Future Industries Fund is set up to develop important high growth, high value industry sectors, to enhance Victoria’s competitive advantage. The fund is available to businesses in regional Victoria in the following high-growth sectors:

  • medical technologies and pharmaceuticals
  • new energy technologies
  • food and fibre
  • transport, defence and construction technologies
  • international education
  • professional services

Companies can apply for grants to support projects that create new jobs and stimulate industry investment.

Contact industry enquiries for more information.

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