The 2019 International Visualise Your Thesis Competition.

Registrations for institutions have closed for the 2019 competition.

We invited universities to participate by running a local Visualise Your Thesis competition using our guidelines and competition kit.  Each participating institution will provide a finalist for the online 2019 International Visualise Your Thesis Competition. The competition is for currently-enrolled PhD, MPhil, and Professional Doctorate (Research) candidates.


Registering institutions were asked to agree to the Competition Terms and Conditions and to read our Privacy statement.

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2019 VYT Registered Institutions

It was a great privilege to be involved in the competition, to take part in the workshops and much needed tech sessions leading up to the event… It was a terrific opportunity to observe the breadth of research underway across the University and glean ideas for future poster presentations. Rachel Pollitt, PhD Candidate University of Melbourne. 1st prize winner of the University of Melbourne 2017 ePoster Competition.