In a climate of knowledge exchange and community engagement, communicating to an audience outside the Academy is becoming increasingly important for research professionals.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 International Visualise Your Thesis competition announced on Tuesday 22 October at the eResearch Australasia conference in Brisbane.

Sixteen universities from four countries competed in the first international competition. All finalists’ works were added to the Visualise Your Thesis figshare repository where the public can watch and download the creative commons licenced videos, and the creators can gain insights into their impact through altmetrics tracking.

Graduate Research students were given the task of creating a 60 second digital presentation that explained the central ideas of their research with a general audience.

Digital channels offer researchers new opportunities for communicating the complexities of their research to broad audiences. The Visualise Your Thesis Competition for universities worldwide helps graduate researchers hone and showcase their research communication skills, and promote their research. It takes the amazing research of the world’s brightest and best graduate researchers and catapults it into the digital age.

View the 2019 Finalists


Visualise Your Thesis is an exciting new competition that challenges graduate researchers* to present their research in a 60 second, eye-catching digital display. Using a pre-supplied template, entrants are tasked with developing a striking looped presentation to encapsulate their research projects in short, engaging, digital narratives. Competition submissions are judged on their visual impact, and how well the content presents the research. The digital format allows for different levels of creativity, multi-media, interactivity and interpretation and is suitable for all disciplines.

Deakin University A/Prof. John Lamp once said: "It's no longer a case of publish or perish - be visible, or vanish". As a way to be visible, this competition is an excellent opportunity. I say: get to it, people! A/Prof. Inger Mewburn, founder of Thesis Whisperer blog and Director of Research Training at the Australian National University, after judging the 2017 competition.


Visualise Your Thesis provides an opportunity for universities to showcase their graduate research and for the Visualise Your Thesis competitors, currently-enrolled PhD, MPhil, and Professional Doctorate (Research) candidates, to build essential digital communication skills to effectively communicate complex research to a general audience.

We invited institutions to participate by running a local Visualise Your Thesis Competition using our guidelines and competition kit. Each participating institution will provide a finalist for the online 2019 International Visualise Your Thesis Competition.

Visualise Your Thesis is a successful, road-tested competition format developed by The University of Melbourne.

Registrations for institutions closed 7 July 2019.


University of Melbourne graduate researchers should visit the UoM Visualise Your Thesis site.


For further information, please contact visualise-thesis@unimelb.edu.au or visit our Frequently Asked Questions.