MRFF Million Minds Mission Grant Opportunity

Key Dates

Wednesday 6 February 2019 (5pm ADST) – Minimum Data due on RGMS & submit Review Ready application to RIC.

Monday 18 February 2019 (10am ADST) – Submit final application to RIC

Wednesday 20 February 2019 (5pm ADST) – Final applications submitted to NHMRC

Contact: Ken Choong,, 90358763


This grant opportunity (GO2017) under the MRFF Million Minds Mission (M3) will support multidisciplinary teams of researchers to undertake collaborative, intervention-focussed research that is transformative, scalable and demonstrates the greatest impact on health outcomes and translation into policy and/or practice in the following three priority areas:

Priority Area 1 – Prevention, Identification and Treatment of Eating Disorders

Priority Area 2 – Mental Health of Children and Young People

Priority Area 3 – Mental Health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

The specific objectives of the grant opportunity are to:

  • support innovative, high quality, collaborative research that focuses on prevention, early-intervention and treatment of mental illness across the life span
  • promote effective translation of research into health policy and/or practice
    foster and build research capacity and workforce capability
  • actively involve people with lived experience of mental illness in all aspects of the research pathway as part of genuine co-design and co-delivery
  • leverage collaborations between research teams, policy makers, healthcare funders and the health delivery sector (e.g. education, community, industry and/or healthcare).


A total of $25 million from the MRFF is available for this grant opportunity.

$5 million will be available to fund the top-ranked application/s in each priority area at a total of up to $15 million. The remaining $10 million will be allocated on the recommendation of an Advisory Panel.


A person can only be named as a Chief Investigator A in one priority area.

Applicants are encouraged to seek strategic partnerships  involving organisations (including International organisations) whose decisions and actions affect Australians’ health, health policy and health care delivery in ways that improve the health of Australians. Organisations that are capable of implementing policy and service delivery and would normally not be able to access funding through most MRFF funding mechanisms are highly valued as partners.

While there is no requirement for partner organisations to provide funding (cash and/or in-kind) towards the proposed grant activity, any such contributions leveraged for the purposes of supporting the grant activity will provide strong evidence of the partner organisation’s commitment to the research and its eventual outcomes.

Supporting Documents

Relevant documents including the M3 guidelines, application template and category descriptors can be found on the Grant Connect webpage.

University of Melbourne researchers can also download the additional Information Pack prepared by the UoM MRFF Team (UoM login required).

How to Apply

  1. Submit a Notice of Intent (NOI)

    The NOI should be completed early to provide RIC with CIA contact details.

  2. Update RGMS Profile

    Each CI must obtain access to RGMS and update profile information (see RGMS information)

  3. Review documentation

    Review the grant guidelines and category descriptors available at Grant Connect.

  4. Complete the application

    Log in to RGMS and complete the application.

  5. Submit “Review Ready” application to RIC

    Submit application to RIC within the RIC internal submission period for review.

  6. Application review

    RIC staff members will review the application and provide the applicant with feedback via email.

  7. Complete application

    After taking feedback from the RIC team into consideration, complete the application in RGMS. It is suggested advice is sought from colleagues, Faculty Mentors, etc. before finalising the application.

  8. Submit the UoM Authority to Submit Form

    This form must be submitted to RIC electronically by the final internal closing date. This form should include:

    • Complete the compliance and eligibility section
    • Signature of all CIs and PIs
    • Signature of the Head of Department for each CI
    • Signature of the CEO (or delegate) for all PIs

    Electronic signatures are permitted.

    This is an NHMRC requirement and the application cannot be submitted to NHMRC until received.

  9. Final Submission

    On the final internal closing date, the applicant must:

    • Submit finalised application by clicking ‘Submit to RAO’ in RGMS
    • Email RIC ( a scanned, signed Authority to Submit form.
  10. RIC will submit the application

Once the application has been submitted to NHMRC, you will receive an email from RIC confirming submission.