US-GAP Funding

Critical Dates

Tuesday 31 Dec 2019
11.59pm (AEST)

Applications close


The Scholarships recognise outstanding performance by professional staff of the University of Melbourne, provide development opportunities for the recipients and benefit the University through the advancement of its administrative and management practices. The Scholarships have the key objectives of enabling professional staff to develop their expertise further, pass on what they have learned for the benefit of the University of Melbourne, and provide high quality support for United States funding. In particular, these Scholarships are focused on supporting the objectives of the US GAP program, which are to:

  • Support the pursuit of US research funding by providing both an accelerator program aimed at educating researchers on the US grant funding landscape and seed funding to support an application with values of approximately $100,000 AUD.
  • For participants seeking support for applications that have values of less than $100,000 AUD, applicants need to demonstrate that the US GAP funding is required for the application to succeed, and that the funding will benefit their research output, impact and future funding prospects.

Applicants are encouraged to propose projects that are aligned with areas of strategic importance for the University and their faculty or unit in achieving its aims to: deliver greater impact through international research. The applicant should propose an agenda that is based on their individual work responsibilities, the research focus of their faculty, and current or desired institutional collaborations. The international team will assist with the execution of the agenda.


Chancellery will match the Academic Division’s contribution on a 1:1 basis up to $2,500 each.  There is no limit on how much an Academic Division may contribute above that figure though it is expected that most participants will apply for a maximum of $5000.  Academic Divisions may apply their own limits to the quantity and value of grants.

How to apply

For all Academic Divisions

  1. Review the Eligibility Criteria and Selection Criteria

    Eligibility for Scholarships is limited to professional staff of the University of Melbourne at HEW levels 8, 9 or 10.

    Applications must address each of the following criteria:

    • Proven record of excellence and innovation with the capacity for further career development.
    • Ability to be an excellent ambassador for the University of Melbourne.
    • How the applicant intends to use the experience to provide high quality support for grants from United States agencies. Applicants should explain the benefits of visits as opposed to information exchanges that could occur through email or voice.
    • How they intend to use the experience to further the University’s understanding of excellence in administrative/management practices
    • Applications must include a concise outline of the proposed program which is to be completed by the end of the following calendar year including visits to at least three sites including funding agencies, partner institutions and a workshop/conference
    • Applications must also include a nominated date by which a report will be submitted and a presentation given. This should include an outline of ways in which the findings of the project will be shared with colleagues at the University
    • The particular dimension of administrative/management practices on which the Scholarship would focus. Applications must include the theme and details of the administrative/management project and any professional development program to be undertaken as part of the awar
    • The ways in which the Scholarship would be used to improve the quality of administrative/management practices, not only in their faculty/division, but at the University of Melbourne in general upon their return
    • How the proposal would reinforce the main strategic areas of the United States Grants Accelerator Program as outlined here.
  2. Review the Application Requirements

    Applicants prepare and submit a written application, consisting of the following components, which must be presented in the following order:

    1. A letter of support, signed by the applicant and Dean of Faculty or Head of Division.
    2. A written application submitted via Smartygrants and prepared by the applicant addressing the relevant application selection criteria. For applications proposing visits to institutions and funding agencies, address the existing relationship that makes the visit feasible or desirable for the host institution, or outline the intended steps to address this prior to the visit, and if support is required. The applicant must also identify a workshop or conference that will contribute to their professional development. Some examples include:
    3. NIH Regional Seminar

      NCURA traveling workshop – thinking Level 1 Fundamentals course

      SRA Annual Meeting

    4. Abbreviated curriculum vitae of no more than two A4 pages (minimum 11 point type in Arial, Times New Roman or similar font).
    5. Itemised budget to show how you will utilise the Fellowship/Scholarship funding if successful.
    6. Outline of travel itinerary.

    It is strongly recommended that applicants discuss their application with Andrea Moshier, Research Partnership Manager (USA)  prior to submission. Page limits should be adhered to as additional pages will not be considered by the selection committee. Nominees should note that assessors are likely to come from a range of disciplines and so should not presume they have detailed knowledge of their discipline.

  3. Submit via Smartygrants

    Access the application form  here.

Supporting documents

  • US GAP Funding Rules
  • Helpful Information from Past Workshops
  • NIH Regional Seminar

    NCURA traveling workshop – thinking Level 1 Fundamentals course

    SRA Annual Meeting


    Andrea Moshier, Research Partnerships Manager (USA)