UoM – CNRS Graduate Research Projects Scheme

Critical Dates

30 September 2019
11:59PM (AEST)

Applications due

18 October 2019

Results released


The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France, and the University of Melbourne (UoM), Australia, are calling for proposals to establish up to 10 graduate research projects across five separate pairs of Primary Investigators (PIs). Each of these five PI pairs will receive one PhD scholarship from UoM (allocated to the UoM PI) and one PhD fellowship from CNRS (allocated to the CNRS PI). Each Melbourne scholarship will enable the UoM PI to recruit and enroll a PhD candidate in Melbourne. Each CNRS Fellowship will enable the CNRS PI to recruit and enroll a PhD candidate through their affiliated French University. Both the Melbourne and CNRS- based candidates must meet the requirements to successfully enroll at their respective host university in France or Melbourne. Typically this last step is done under agreement between UoM and the French university nominated by the CNRS PI.

These awards will also include travel and establishment support.

This call is open to all areas of research.

Melbourne-based candidates must accept their scholarship by 11 December 2019 while CNRSbased candidates will commence by September 2020.


Primary Investigators:

  • Assistant, Associate or Full Professors
  • CNRS-based PIs must hold accreditation to supervise PhD candidates while UoM PIs must be salaried UoM employees and have available supervisory load.
  • A PI cannot submit more than one application in the framework of this call.
  • There must be one PI from UoM and one PI from CNRS; and
  • Both of these PIs must supervise each of the PhD candidates from UoM and CNRS.

PhD Candidates:

Those PhD candidates participating in the awarded Graduate Research Grants must meet the entry requirements to jointly enroll at both the UoM PI’s Faculty as well as that of the CNRS PI’s affiliated French university.

France: PhD candidates seeking to undertake a joint research project funded by the CNRS PI, must commence the first year of their PhD at a host French University in 2020. All candidates must meet the enrolment criteria of the French University where their candidature is managed.

Melbourne: PhD candidates seeking to undertake a joint research project funded by UoM must be eligible to commence the first year of their PhD by 11 December 2019. Additional external partners (including Honorary and adjunct staff, and other partners in Australia, Germany or internationally) are not eligible to apply as primary supervisor, although they can participate in co-supervision of joint PhDs.



How to apply

  1. Review the Guidelines

    Please review the guidelines before the submission.

  2. Submit the application to CNRS.

    UoM and CNRS applicants should submit the one single application via the dedicated CNRS Web site: https://www.cooperation.cnrs.fr The proposal must consist of all of the required parts in one single file (up to 6 pages, not including references or the CVs of the CNRS and Melbourne PI’s participants).

    Proposals will be evaluated and ranked by a UoM-CNRS selection committee based on the scientific quality & originality of the project, scientific merit of the teams, synergy between the teams, and alignment with the strategic areas of mutual interest.

    Successful recipients will be formally notified of the award and informed of funding conditions.

Supporting documents


CNRS submission and contact details:

Jean Thèves
Deputy Director for the Americas & Australia. CNRS
Ph +33 1 44 96 46 81

Maria Roitman
International Research Strategy Advisor
Chancellery, Research and Enterprise. The University of Melbourne
Ph +61 3 8344 8384