Major Research Projects


Major research projects generally require significant, time-consuming development work. The Development Support Fund exists to assist with the development of a major research proposal project.

Funding support may be used for any activity that clearly leads to the development of a major research project proposal. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Administrative costs to support the development of a proposal
  • Teaching relief (requires Head of Dept/ School approval)
  • Travel costs - domestic and international, ingoing and outgoing. Please note that international travel support must be very well justified
  • Workshop development costs, particularly those engaging with external partners
  • Consultant costs for further concept development/ proposal writing.

Funds may not be used to conduct research, pilot research projects or the development of teaching programs. Pilot research projects are defined as any activity that involves or leads to the collection, preparation, analysis or presentation of preliminary or existing data.


Successful applicants may be provided funding between $1,000-$7,000. The available funds are finite so the amount awarded may be reduced if there are a large number of requests for support. The upper limit of funding support will only be awarded for exceptional proposals that demonstrate significant merit, need for use of funds and potential for high returns on investment for the University.

Successful proposals will be required to:

  • Use these funds within six months of receipt
  • Report to RIC on how the funds were used, including details on the submission of a funding request
  • Actively liaise, communicate and cooperate with RIC aboutthe development of the proposal.

RIC has specialists who can actively assist in the development of the proposal. You will be advised for the relevant specialists at the time of award.


Preference will be given to proposals that strongly address the following criteria:

  • Have clearly identified sponsors/schemes including the proposed date of submission of a research proposal (this suggests a tangible outcome
  • Demonstrate that research leadership will be coming from University of Melbourne researchers
  • Have multiple researchers from the University involved
  • Are cross-disciplinary
  • Contribute to research capacity development in a research area of strategic significance to the University
  • Are supported by a named proposal development team with complementary skills
  • " Include additional cash or significant in-kind support that is provided from non-central University or external sources. The details of this support must be confirmed in writing by the party providing the funds.

How to apply

  1. Complete the application form

    Complete the application form and forward to your Head of Department for review

  2. HoD review and forward

    Please ensure you allow adequate time for your HoD to review and forward the application to RIC by the due date.

Supporting documents

Application form


Major Research Projects and Initiatives – Development Support Fund questions and primary email:

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Renae Carolin
T: +61 3 8344 2039

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