ARC Centres of Excellence Development Support Fund


Research, Innovation and Commercialisation (RIC) supports the development of high quality and high impact major research projects and initiatives, such as ARC Centres of Excellence (CoEs). As CoE bids generally require significant and time consuming development, RIC is calling for Development Support proposals to prepare for the next ARC CoE funding round. This call for funds supports the development of your proposal, not co-investment in the CoE itself.

Preference will be given to proposals which meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate that research leadership will come from UoM researchers
  • Are supported by a named proposal development team with complementary skills
  • Include additional cash or significant in-kind support provided from non-central University or external sources. Note that the party providing the funds must confirm the details in writing.

Proposals that have previously received funding for similar concepts or applicants who received development support funding within the last two years will need to provide strong justification as to why additional funding is being sought.

RIC reserves the right to award less funding than has been applied for, as this is a competitive process. Applicants should note that the upper limit of funding support is likely to be provided only for exceptional proposals with significant merit. Funds available per project will be limited if there are many competitive development support requests.

Successful development support proposals will be required to:

  • Use funds within 12 months of receipt
  • Report to RIC on how the funds are used, including details on the submission of a bid or grant application.

Every effort will be made to advise applicants of funding outcomes within 2-4 weeks of the closing date.

The attached document contains more information about funding.

How to apply

  1. Complete request form

    Complete the required section on the development support request form in no more than 2.5 A4 pages.

    Your request for funding should include:

    • Title and summary of your CoE bid concept
    • Whether this funding is proposed to be used this round or for future rounds. If you choose future rounds, provide an indication of when the proposal may be ready for submission
    • Details of the staff member preparing/submitting the support request
    • Details of key research and professional staff from the University who would play leadership roles in the development of the research initiative and the conduct of research
    • Potential partners, both national and internal. Also include details of any current projects with the partners
    • Information as to how the proposed CoE will benefit UoM, including your view of its relationship to strategic research directions of the University; how it demonstrates excellence in discipline-led or cross-disciplinary research; what legacy you expect your CoE bid to leave behind and how it addresses Strategic Research Priorities, Australian Government or State Government policy objectives for Commonwealth-funded research
    • Indicative cash value of the proposed research project and an estimate of funds returning to the University
    • Proposed budget for the use of support funds, specifically addressing how you will use the funds to support the development of a CoE proposal to the internal EoI and the ARC phase. If you’re proposing to bring on administrative or other professional support, we need to know whether that person is already working for the University (if so, in what role) and at what level and duration you intend to pay them. If you’re requesting travel, we need to see an approximate breakdown of flight and accommodation costs, for what duration and for how many people
    • Details of additional committed cash to support proposal development
    • Account string details to enable transfer of funds for successful projects
  2. Obtain endorsement

    Seek endorsement from your Head of Department. Please provide your Head with adequate time to receive and review this proposal.

  3. Submit proposal to RIC

    Your Head may then sign your proposal, scan to PDF and email the document to Alternatively, you may wish to hand deliver in person. You’re advised not to use internal mail unless you allow approximately 2-3 days for delivery.

Supporting documents

CoE Development Support Application Form


ARC Centres of Excellence Development Support Fund questions and primary email

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Renae Carolin
T: +61 3 8344 2039

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