Commercialising your research

Create work opportunities for life beyond your graduate research degree.

As you progress through your research, industry connections become more valuable. They can lead to post doctoral job prospects. They also provide the opportunity to:

  • access materials or investment required for your research
  • test your research findings in real situations
  • gain valuable work experience
  • solve immediate problems facing business, government and cultural or community organisations
  • practice ‘selling’ your research findings to a non-academic audience
  • expand your personal and professional networks.

There are many ways to engage with industry organisations while undertaking your graduate research degree. And these opportunities exist across all disciplines.

For example, as an engineering researcher, you may work to detect cyber attacks. Or you may work to create more sustainable transport systems.

Ask your supervisor to connect you with their professional networks. Keep up to date with relevant conferences and industry networking events.


You may be able to undertake an internship during your degree or following the submission of your thesis.

This is a great way to gain practical experience and develop new skills. You can also build professional networks relevant to your studies.

Opportunities across various disciplines are accessible via the Australian Postgraduate Research Internship website.

You can also source an internship yourself via your chosen organisation.


There are many mentoring opportunities available to you as a researcher.

As a PhD candidate in a STEM discipline, you can apply to the Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS).

IMNIS links students with executive mentors for one year. They also organise events to enable industry-based education, training and networking. We help you to apply to the program.

First published on 23 August 2022.

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