University of Melbourne PhD students whose research falls under the following fields of research areas and their FoR codes have been identified as potential participants in the Melbourne Neuroscience PhD Program.

Neuroscience research is unique in its breadth, therefore we are aware that this list of fields of research areas may not capture everyone! If you are aware of other Neuroscience-related PhD students who may not be captured, encourage them to contact the Program Manager to register or to suggest further areas to be added to the list.

Students should choose fields of research areas with their supervisor when the opportunity arises. Here is a sample of fields of research areas and their FoR codes.

060105  Cell Neurochemistry  
060410  Neurogenetics  
060805  Animal Neurobiology  
110319  Psychiatry (incl. Psychotherapy)  
110901  Autonomic Nervous System  
110902  Cellular Nervous System  
110903  Central Nervous System  
110904  Neurology and Neuromuscular Diseases  
110905  Peripheral Nervous System  
110906  Sensory Systems  
110999  Neurosciences not elsewhere classified  
111301  Ophthalmology  
111303  Vision Science  
111399  Ophthalmology and Optometry not elsewhere classified  
111714  Mental Health  
170101  Biological Psychology (Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology, Physiological Psychology)  
170102  Developmental Psychology and Ageing  
170112  Sensory Processes, Perception and Performance  
170199  Psychology not elsewhere classified  
170204  Linguistic Processes (incl. Speech Production and Comprehension)  
170205  Neurocognitive Patterns and Neural Networks  
170299  Cognitive Science not elsewhere classified  
110320  Radiology and Organ Imaging  
100404  Regenerative Medicine (incl. Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering)  
100402  Medical Biotechnology Diagnostics (incl. Biosensors)  
090304  Medical Devices