Research infrastructure


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We connect you with world-class facilities, training and expertise, so that you can complete your research.

The power of our research infrastructure extends beyond our machines and buildings.

We have a network of highly skilled and specialised staff attached to these facilities, who will help you complete your research. Our specialised facilities and the staff who support them, are organised into platforms.

Platforms provide services relevant to all researchers and access to specialised resources. This ranges from microscopy facilities and 7-Tesla MRI machines to data visualisation and artefact conservation.

Other universities, institutes, research organisations and industry partners can also access our specialist platforms.

Explore the platforms

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Spotlight: Data management

Statistical Consulting Centre

We can provide you with tailored advice at any stage of a quantitative research project – from data collection to analysis and reporting. Our platform consultants have a wealth of experience working on projects with industry, government and the academic community.

Access up to 10 hours of free statistical advice during your PhD. Learn more


We support you to do great things with your data. Our information and analysis services cater to all areas of research. We enable the effective capture, storage and organisation of data for use, access, and reuse. Learn more

Research Computing Services

We offer a range of tools to manage, move, store and secure your research datasets. We have experts available to work with you to understand your requirements and how to meet your research needs. Learn more

First published on 16 February 2022.

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