Former Melbourne Interdisciplinary Research Institutes

Stem cells, coloured blue. Image: Nissim Benvenisty (CC BY 2.5)

Working with industry, government and not-for-profit organisations in Australia and internationally, these former Melbourne Interdisciplinary Research Institutes championed collaborative research in existing and developing areas of importance to society.

The institutes worked on complex and emerging issues and strengthened interdisciplinary research at the University and beyond. From the establishment of Stem Cells Australia and the Academic Centre of Cyber Security Excellence to the creation of the world’s first retinal-based bionic eye.

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A pink and red photomicrograph of a brain tissue specimen.

Melbourne Neuroscience Institute

The institute combined interdisciplinary research in the neurosciences with technology and industry expertise to improve health and teaching outcomes.

A man wearing virtual reality goggles.

Networked Society Institute

The institute explored connectivity between people and objects, and the social, ethical, environmental and economic impact of digital technologies.

A close up of a colourful mixed media artwork of flowers and gold paint

Melbourne Materials Institute

The institute advanced materials science and materials processing, to meet challenges in sustainability, cultural conservation, medicine and energy.