Annual reports and publications

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Dr Samantha Loi with “Betty” the support robot, from A better world: Research that enriches lives

Dr Samantha Loi says robots could supplement human care, not replace it. Picture: Peter Casamento

Annual reports and other publications for current and former Melbourne Interdisciplinary Research Institutes.

Institutes in action

Current interdisciplinary research institutes

Melbourne Disability Institute

The Melbourne Disability Institute aims to transform the social and economic wellbeing and the health of people with disability through high-quality research, teaching and training, and knowledge translation.

Melbourne Energy Institute

The Melbourne Energy Institute works with community, industry and government to solve some of the world's most pressing energy challenges.

Indigenous Knowledge Institute

The Indigenous Knowledge Institute aims to advance research and education in Indigenous knowledge systems.

Melbourne Social Equity Institute

The Melbourne Social Equity Institute brings together researchers to address disadvantage across social life, including health, education, housing, culture, work and transport.

Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute

The Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute facilitated research towards a sustainable and resilient society. Projects addressed real world issues and included bushfire prevention, sustainable food systems, climate change, and urban resilience and innovation.

Former interdisciplinary research institutes

Melbourne Neuroscience Institute

The Melbourne Neuroscience Institute combined interdisciplinary research in the neurosciences with technology and industry expertise to improve health and teaching outcomes.

Networked Society Institute

The Networked Society Institute (formerly the Institute for a Broadband-Enabled Society) explored connectivity between people and objects, and the social, ethical, environmental and economic impact of digital technologies.

Melbourne Materials Institute

The Melbourne Materials Institute advanced materials science and materials processing, to meet challenges in sustainability, cultural conservation, medicine and energy.