Science winter twilight cocktail reception

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Glass beakers, tubes and plants arranged on a glass display unit. this is shown in the window of a gallery, with people milling outside int he background

With a spotlight on interdisciplinary collaboration, our BioInspiration HRI was showcased in a special floor talk by Associate Professor Devi Stuart-Fox, Co-Chair of the initiative, at the Dean’s Winter Reception.

The event, held on 1 August 2019, emphasised the impact of science, over a cocktail reception at the recently refurbished Old Quad.

The evening was also the opening night of Science Gallery Melbourne‘s Disposables installations on the lawns of MacFarland Court; wonderful examples showing how science and srt are tackling issues around sustainability:

  • PLASTIVORE demonstrates how mealworms have the capability to digest harmful plastics like polystyrene and turn it into compostable waste. Watch and hear the mealworms as they breakdown the plastic live!
  • URINOTRON demonstrates how even our ‘waste’ (urine) can be used as a power source. Charge your mobile phones from the power generated from the urine.
  • P@TCH is a textile-based media project, inviting workshop participants to create a hand-embroidered patch, which also incorporate CCS811 Air Quality Sensors that detects the user’s personal air-pollution levels.

View photos from the event.

Watch: Science Dean's winter reception

Posted: 3 Auguest 2019

Image: University of Melbourne