EVENT – Affordable housing seminar series 2020

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Interested in current issues in housing research? Registrations are now open for the Affordable Housing Hallmark Research Initiative seminar series.

About the sessions

Designed to showcase a range of perspectives, each panel focuses on one of our seed-funded research projects, with discussion led by University researchers.

Take a deep dive into topics such as housing for people with disabilities, how housing affects health and the housing challenges faced by Melbourne’s African migrants.

Follow the links below for more information on each session, full speaker lists and Eventbrite registration details. Sessions are free to attend.

Discussions will be held over Zoom, and registered participants will be emailed a link to join.

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Use #HallmarkSeminars2020 to follow or join along.

Recordings of each seminar session are located below for anyone unable to make it on the day.

Seminar lineup

Expanding crisis accommodation for victim-survivors of family violence

The family violence sector is in crisis. Despite an increasing number of vacant properties in amenity rich cities such as Melbourne, there is insufficient quality crisis accommodation available to women. Those who can access crisis accommodation often remain stuck in limbo, unable to transition to long-term stable affordable housing due to lack of supply – compromising their ability to recover and increasing their risk of returning to their perpetrators.


Erika Martino, Research Fellow in Healthy Housing, Melbourne School of Global and Population Health

Jeanette Large, CEO, Women's Property Initiatives

Kathleen Flanagan, Research Fellow; Deputy Director Housing and Community Research Unit, University of Tasmania

Carolyn Whitzman, Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa

Facilitated by Katrina Raynor, Research Fellow and Convenor of the Affordable Housing Hallmark Research Initiative

Session 01 – Affordable Housing Hallmark Seminars 2020

How housing affects your health: the case of indoor environment

The panel discusses the use of simulation modelling approach to measure health gains achievable through changing exposure to indoor cold, and compare to those achievable through other ways to prevent heart disease. The panel also included discussion of how energy engineering can assist to optimise indoor air quality.


Ankur Singh, Research Fellow in epidemiology specialising in housing related health inequalities

Lucy Telfar Barnard, public health researcher at the University of Otago, Wellington specialising in housing quality and health outcomes

Lu Aye, Professor of Infrastructure Engineering  specialising in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies

Lyrian Daniel, Research Fellow in the Housing and Healthy Cities Research Group, The University of Adelaide Panel

Chaired by Rebecca Bentley, Professor in Healthy Housing at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health

Session 02 – Affordable Housing Hallmark Seminars 2020

Boom! A new history of post-war apartments in Australia

The panel discusses the post-war apartment boom in Sydney and Melbourne illustrating a wide range of projects from walk-ups to towers, state-built housing and privately led development, luxury dwellings to cramped quarters, and the innovative solutions promulgated at the end of the 1960s. We also considered various prejudices against much of the flat typology and its residents, from the moral panic of the post-war ‘Australian way of life’, to the at times thinly veiled disdain of the avant-garde.


Dr Caroline Butler-Bowden, Executive Director, Public Spaces at NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Professor Philip Goad, Chair of Architecture, University of Melbourne

Professor Paul Walker, Professor of Architecture, University of Melbourne

Catherine Townsend, Research Assistant and PhD Candidate, University of Melbourne

Facilitated by Professor Alan Pert, Head of the Melbourne School of Design.

Session 03 – Affordable Housing Hallmark Seminars 2020