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30 joint PhDs from KU Leuven and University of Melbourne

6 Aug 2020

KU Leuven and the University of Melbourne are teaming up to offer 30 joint PhDs to students as part of their ‘priority partnership’.

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KU Leuven and Melbourne to offer thirty joint PhDs

14 Jul 2020

Peter Lievens, Vice-Rector for International Policy at KU Leuven: ‘In this phase, Leuven and Melbourne will fund thirty joint PhDs, spread over three consecutive calls. That is a significant number, especially with a top-level institution such as the University of Melbourne: it is the highest-ranked university in Australia and has a rock-solid reputation worldwide.’ Their trip included negotiations with the University of Melbourne about stepping up research collaboration. The result: the two institutions will fund thirty joint doctoral projects together.

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8 Jul 2020

A couple of months ago, when corona was still mostly known as a brand of beer, Rector Luc Sels and Vice-Rector Peter Lievens travelled to Australia with a KU Leuven delegation.

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Eye test for Alzheimer's disease

Centre for Eye Research Australia researchers Associate Professor Peter van Wijngaarden and Dr Xavier Hadoux discuss their research to develop a simple eye test that will help identify people at risk of Alzheimer’s disease, opening the way to treatments and potentially a cure.  The video is available on Youtube.

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