Melbourne Climate Hub

Discovery and impact by our people and partners to create a sustainable future

Melbourne Climate Hub brings together all the climate knowledge from the University right now. Explore what our researchers are working on to create a better climate future, how we’re collaborating with innovation partners to adapt to our climate challenges, and discover some of the big ideas shaping the global climate agenda.

Melbourne Climate Hub helps keep you informed about one of the most important issues of our time.

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Our Climate Capability

From water management and clean energy production, to how we build truly sustainable cities, explore the critical role our experts are playing in Australia’s response to the global climate challenge.

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Climate Collaboration

Climate change is a collective concern impacting all facets of our economy, society and environment. Find out how we’re partnering with industry, government and community – both locally and internationally – to solve these pressing challenges together.

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Big Climate Ideas

Real change needs original thought. From Indigenous land management to clean transport and preserving our biodiversity, these are some of the bold ideas our experts are pursuing to make sure we stay ahead of the next climate challenge.

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Melbourne Climate Futures

Melbourne Climate Futures builds on decades of research across areas such as climate change impacts in the Pacific, energy futures, bushfire resilience, and sustainable cities, as well as innovative approaches to policy and law.