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  • A cityscape view of Jerusalem including sandstone buildings and the gold topped Dome of the Rock. Image by Joachim Tüns/flickr


    Joint PhD opportunity – The Jerusalem-Melbourne Joint PhD program is now recruiting candidates for its second cohort, in the areas of machine learning and veterinary sciences. Graduate Researchers participating in the program will be enrolled at both the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Melbourne.


  • View of a monestary through an ornate sandstone archway

    Infrastructure Engineering

    Seven fully funded joint PhD opportunities in spatial information, sensor networks, and water resource management, with the Melbourne India Postgraduate Academy (India).

  • A young woman from a fishing community in West Bengal pulls a fishing net to one side

    Making work fairer for millions of workers

    The International Labour Organization used evidence from Australian labour reform to help improve work conditions in India.



  • two men in suits shaking hands


    Italian research centre Sotocarbo and the Peter Cook Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage Research are working to develop low cost, environmentally benign processes for separating carbon dioxide from industrial flue gas. They are also designing and testing tools for predicting and monitoring carbon dioxide migration in reservoirs




  • Understanding the historical links between England and Islamic worlds

    Medieval and Early Modern Orients (MEMOs) explores encounters between England and the Islamic empires of the Ottomans, Safavids and Mughals between 1200 and 1800 – and how they continue to shape today’s world. MEMOs includes blogs on new findings, maps, seminars, news, events and teaching resources.


  • A close up, brightly-coloured atomic microscopic image of human teeth

    Atomic resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy

    One fully funded joint PhD position in atomic resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy, with the Jülich Research Centre (Germany).

  • A child in a green jacket buried in leaves. They have their hands tucked behind their head.

    Schizotypal disorder in early childhood

    One fully funded joint PhD position investigating the course of schizotypal disorder in early childhood, with the University of Bonn (Germany).

  • wiring between two circut boards lit up in blue and white light


    Four fully funded joint PhD positions in energy-related projects, with RWTH Aachen University (Germany).

  • Blue and white beams of light pointing towards the ground

    Exciton science

    Eight fully funded joint PhD positions to research light-based energy in exciton science, with the University of Bayreuth (Germany).