Custom Education Programs

Custom Education (CE) is the University's multidisciplinary provider of professional and tailored education services for and in partnership with government and corporate clients.

What we do

The CE Team provides an enquiry and commercial development portal for government and businesses seeking customised professional education services from the University of Melbourne. Working closely with our clients and the academic staff of the University, CE identifies, generates, develops and manages customised award and non-award professional and technical education courses that differ from the University’s traditional offerings.

Our business development, student services and delivery teams provide clients with dedicated, responsive and efficient services designed in direct response to customer requirements.

CE’s Professional and Technical Education capacity is the gateway through which business and government clients access the University’s extensive intellectual resources in disciplines as diverse as animal and human health, finance, art, engineering, information technology, education and the environment.

CE assists our clients with the following:

  • Course development and design
  • Marketing collateral (design, production and distribution)
  • Business development
  • Contract management
  • Financial management
  • Production of course materials
  • Venues and catering
  • Flights and accommodation (where required)
  • Course evaluations.

The CE team develop and deliver programs that may be:

  • fully flexible in delivery format (online, face-to-face, mixed mode) as well as location (Melbourne, interstates, as well as overseas);
  • multi-disciplinary and draws
    on academic input from across multiple departments and faculties;
  • co-branded with a corporate client;
  • offered exclusively to a single corporate entity (non public); and
  • incorporated with content that is kept from the public domain (commercial in confidence and confidential data).
  • Dr Kevin Orrman-Rossiter

    Manager, External RIC Enquiries

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    +61 3 8344 1539

  • Natalie Dunham

    Director, Teaching and Learning