With an annual research budget of over $1 billion, the University of Melbourne is the number one research university in Australia, consistently outperforming its peer group in international rankings. Boasting 10 academic divisions and more than 100 research centres and institutes, Melbourne is rightly proud of its record of academic research excellence.

Doron Ben-Meir, Vice-Principal of Enterprise 

Melbourne is a University with ambition and is striving every day to become more competitive globally. To achieve this, the University has recognized that there is a funding challenge and has restructured in order to embrace this at the heart of its revenue generating strategy. Research, Innovation & Commercialisation (RIC) is now the central facilitator of all research funding in the University, taking advantage of the full diversity of research funding opportunities:

  • Domestic and international government grants
  • Philanthropic and non-governmental funding sources
  • Public and private sector organisations
  • National and international research institution collaborations
  • Proceeds from the translation and commercialisation of University generated intellectual property

Our mission is to drive research income and facilitate the delivery of world-class research that is globally engaged!