Using intellectual property owned by other parties

Understand the University's policy about using third-party IP

The University of Melbourne maintains its commitment to responsible research with honesty, responsibility and accountability.

If you use intellectual property (IP) owned by an external party in a research project, or in the development of a software or multimedia product, you must obtain that party's permission before doing so.  You may require additional permission to use that IP for purposes other than non-commercial teaching and research.

It is important to document carefully the date and conditions of use of all third-party IP so that the University’s Technology Licensing Services (TLS) team can determine if its use affects the ownership and license rights of your research results.

If you wish to obtain materials from outside collaborators, an incoming Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) must be completed. More information regarding MTAs can be found here.

For more information about the use of third-party patented IP in research, contact the TLS team.  For help negotiating the use of another party's copyrighted material, please contact the Copyright Office.

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