Supervisor responsibilities

Supervisors of higher-degree researchers have a responsibility to inform prospective and current students about the terms of any 'specified agreements' associated with their research

The University owns the rights to all intellectual property (IP) created by students working on projects governed by the terms of 'specified agreements'.  These are agreements between the University and an external organisation (such as a grant funding body, or a public- or private-sector organisation funding contract research at the University) that contemplates ownership or use of IP generated in an activity, such as a research project, identified in the agreement. Examples of specified agreements include research contracts, studentship agreements, and funding agreements.

Supervisors of research degrees must inform prospective and current students about any such agreements that apply to their research. They must discuss how IP and commercialisation will be managed in that context, and ensure that students agree to the terms and responsibilities of their involvement.

Discussion topics

Specific topics for discussion between such students and their supervisors might include:

  • What background IP is needed and available for the project?
  • Does the project require the use of IP owned by others?
  • How will culturally or commercially sensitive IP be handled?
  • What action may be required to protect IP being developed during the project?
  • What are the obligations to disclose inventions?
  • How will people's input on a project be acknowledged?

For more information, please see the Student ownership of intellectual property page, or contact the University's Technology Licensing Services team.

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