Industry Principles

How we work with our partners

The University of Melbourne is committed to delivering world class research that generates an enduring benefit for society. We are working with business, industry, government and community groups to address the major challenges of our time.

Partnering with Australia’s leading university makes good business sense

We understand that our industry partners are seeking transformative innovations to grow their businesses in an increasingly competitive global market place. By solving real-world problems, our partners translate research outcomes into the societal impacts we seek to achieve.

As a research collaboration partner of Australia’s leading university,  your organisation will enjoy access to cutting edge research capabilities and infrastructure ... and engage with the next generation of talent.

Intellectual property is the cornerstone of successful collaborations

Intellectual Property (IP) is a product of, and essential to, such collaborations. The University has adopted a set of principles to guide the management and access to University of Melbourne owned intellectual property:

  1. Delivering impact and benefit: The University of Melbourne seeks to enter into arrangements which maximise the beneficial expression and timely adoption of our IP in society.
  2. Agreeing terms upfront: We establish clear IP management and ownership arrangements with our partners at the commencement of any collaborative activity.
  3. Led by party best placed to commercialise: We support IP translation and commercialisation being led by the party best placed to ensure the optimal utilisation of that IP across the relevant fields of application.
  4. Fair sharing the value: We are motivated to see our partners commercially incentivised to utilise the IP. We expect fair and reasonable consideration for access to and commercialisation of University owned, developed or jointly owned IP.
  5. Preserving the ability to publish, teach and undertake research: We will seek to retain sufficient rights to use IP which facilitates our primary activities of research, teaching and ability to publish.
  6. Easy to do business with: We develop and negotiate IP arrangements in a prompt and transparent manner, in keeping with the above principles.

Our goal is to be a research partner of choice. To discuss your challenge, problem or opportunity further please contact us.

Contact us

For intellectual property and technology transfer related advice and assistance, contact:

  • Hun Gan, Director, Business Development and Innovation
  • Lachlan Wilson, Associate Director, Technology Transfer & Licensing (Acting)

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