Interdisciplinary Seed Grant Scheme

The University's Interdisciplinary Seed Grant (IDSG) scheme operated from 2010 to 2013, funding 90 projects over four years.

The intent of the scheme was to provide funding to address complex problems facing society with solutions that demand an interdisciplinary approach. The scheme sought to support research activities that: would benefit from short-term seed-funding; would lead to new interdisciplinary collaborations; could identify strong opportunities for external funding; and were consistent with the broad research objectives of one or more of the Melbourne Research Institutes or designated emerging areas of focus as specified in the Guidelines which are provided here for reference.

A maximum amount of $70,000 for one year per project was offered, with most award amounts ranging between $30,000 and $50,000.  Details of projects funded under this scheme are available here: 2010201120122013.


The Interact showcase celebrated and encouraged participation and highlighted successful projects over the four years of the IDSG scheme. As part of the university's commitment to encourage interdisciplinary research that addresses complex societal challenges, this event presented success stories, showcased current IDSG projects, offered the opportunity for discussion of interdisciplinary research activity and models, and  provided a forum for potential new collaborations.

Interact was a popular event, each year attracting well over 100 participants from across the University. Members of funded project teams, Institute/theme personnel and Melbourne Research personnel made up approximately half of all registrations. Others included prospective applicants for the coming round and those interested in getting involved in new research opportunities. Program information is provided here: 2010201120122013.

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