Melbourne Climate Futures

Bringing researchers together to contribute to greater action on climate change.


Climate change is reshaping communities, the environment, health, business and beyond. Here at Melbourne, we are committed to developing real world solutions for a safer climate future.

The next few years are critical. Leaders from around the world have recognised this pivotal moment and are calling for immediate action. More than 110 countries have pledged to be carbon neutral by 2050. China and the USA have committed to achieving net zero emissions more quickly. Businesses are going green. And universities are strengthening research into protecting the planet from climate change.

To contribute to this global push, the University of Melbourne has launched Melbourne Climate Futures. This initiative builds on decades of University research in a diverse range of areas. From climate change impacts in the Pacific to environmental politics on the global stage, energy futures and bushfire resilience to better global health outcomes, Melbourne Climate Futures brings researchers from different academic backgrounds together to develop practical outcomes for the challenges ahead.

We empower the next generation of researchers and students to strive for a sustainable climate future, and work alongside the University itself to ensure the institution is a world leader in decarbonisation.

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CLIMATE2021 was held to mark the launch of Melbourne Climate Futures. This virtual event took place on 23 March 2021. Speakers came from across the University. They shared how researchers are working to understand and shape our climate future. They explored diverse responses to climate change – from carbon-neutral agriculture to sustainable finance, to childhood education and smart energy systems. They talked about career pathways for climate researchers. And they discussed how recent events have reshaped the global conversation – and action – around climate change.

Speakers included:

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Meet the MCF team

Melbourne Climate Futures is led by a multidisciplinary team of researchers in areas including environmental law, global health, sustainable business, economics, energy, and climate change policy.

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Woody Meadow

The project installs woody meadows in rail sidings, roads and parks, creating low-cost and resilient ways to improve cities, health and well-being, biodiversity, pollution mitigation and urban microclimates.

A lrge dam wall and lake in rural Tasmania. courtesy Hydro Tasmania

Report: Australia’s Paris Agreement Pathways

Designed to help policy makers prepare for the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference, 2021, this report ensures debate on Australia’s climate targets is informed by science and policy.

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Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute

The Institute facilitates research towards a sustainable and resilient society. Current projects include bushfire prevention, sustainable food systems and climate change.

Melbourne Energy Institute

The Melbourne Energy Institute works with community, industry and government to solve some of the world's most pressing energy challenges.

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