A Framework for Designing Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Facilities: A New Approach Using Interdisciplinary Value-Focused Thinking.

Lipson-Smith, R | Churilov, L | Newton, C | Zeeman, H | Bernhardt, J. (2019)

AIM: To use Value-Focused Thinking to investigate what is important in the design of inpatient stroke rehabilitation facility buildings. BACKGROUND: Many stroke patients require inpatient rehabilitation in a dedicated facility. Rehabilitation facilities are healthcare spaces, but they are also learning spaces where patients practice targeted tasks to acquire new skills ...

Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change

A Systematic Review of the Effects of Learning Environments on Student Learning Outcomes - Technical Report 4/2018

Byers, T | Mahat, M | Liu, K | Knock, A | Imms, W. (2018)

The systematic review identified evidence that different learning environments (blended, innovative learning environment (ILE), open-plan and traditional) have an impact on student learning outcomes. There are significant methodological questions around the availability and viability of empirical evidence. This systematic review investigated how researchers measure changes in academic outcomes attributed to ...


Why Innovative Learning Environments? Stories from three schools that helped establish an ongoing space and pedagogy agenda

Cleveland, B. (2018)

The research reported in this chapter was conducted to address a seemingly simple question: How are contemporary middle years (Years 5-9) pedagogies influencing the design of physical learning environments? What the study uncovered was a deep spatio-pedagogical conversation about historical misalignments between middle years pedagogies and largely isolated and dissociated ...


Learning Environment Design and Use. Towards Effective Learning Environments in Catholic Schools (TELE): An Evidence-based Approach (2015-2017)

Cleveland, B | Soccio, P | Mountain, R | Imms, W. (2018)

This report – Summary of Findings – is intended to support evidence-based decision making by those involved in the design and use of school learning environments. It summarises the findings of a three-year collaborative research initiative involving Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM), Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) and the Learning ...

Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change

Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change: Defining key concepts - Technical Report 3/2018

Mahat, M | Bradbeer, C | Byers, T | Imms, W. (2018)

The aim of this report is to provide a synthesis of the literature that is relevant to our project and has informed definitions of key constructs. By synthesising scholarly research, together with quantitative findings from the Space, Design and Use Survey (Imms, Mahat, Byers & Murphy, 2017) and qualitative findings ...


Plug n Play: Future Prefab for Smart Green Schools

Newton, C | Backhouse, S | Aibinu, A | Cleveland, B | Crawford, R | Holzer, D | Soccio, P | Kvan, T. (2018)

While relocatable, prefabricated learning environments have formed an important component of school infrastructure in Australia, prefabrication for permanent school buildings is a new and emerging field. This review of prefabrication for schools is timely. In 2017, Australia’s two largest state education departments committed to prefabrication programs for permanent school infrastructure. ...

Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change

The ‘state of play’ concerning New Zealand’s transition to innovative learning environments: Preliminary results from phase one of the ILETC project

Bradbeer, C | Mahat, M | Byers, T | Cleveland, B | Kvan, T | Imms, W. (2017)

Driven by international trends and government policy, it is a requirement for all newly built schools in New Zealand to be designed as innovative learning environments (ILEs) with flexible learning spaces. These environments, celebrated by some for the “transformational” educational opportunities they may provide, also raise questions about whether the ...

Evaluating 21st Century Learning Environments

Impact of classroom design on teacher pedagogy and student engagement and performance in mathematics

Imms, W | Byers, T. (2017)

The development of online and virtual teaching and learning environments to augment formal face-to-face environments raises questions about the way the new communication and information (CIT) technologies are being incorporated into the on-campus environment. More importantly, this development challenges the meaning of the on-campus student learning experience. The new CITs ...

Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change

Transitions North America: What is needed to help teachers better utilize space as one of their pedagogic tools

Imms, W | Mahat, M. (2017)

In 2017, the Transitions Symposium explored the overarching theme of Inhabiting Innovative Learning Environments. The symposia were held in three cities: Melbourne, Australia; London, UK; and Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. In collaboration with our project partner, Steelcase Education and with sponsorship from the DLR group, the North American symposium brought ...

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