Transitions18 North America Research Symposium

Canyon View High School, Phoenix, Arizona, United States.


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Joann Cattlin

T: +61 3 9035 8694


Transitions is a trans disciplinary, research symposium focusing on innovative learning environments in schools and higher education. Transitions 2017 opened the door to an international conversation about realizing the potential of innovative learning spaces, Transitions18 is continuing the conversation. Background on this event is here.

Transitions18 in Phoenix will be a 2 day event.

Day One will showcase research by selected PhD students across North America. During a full day of dynamic discussion, 12 presentations, with associated panel discussions led by leaders in the field, will explore the theme: What are teachers doing (well) when transitioning from traditional to innovative learning environments?

Day Two will interrogate a group of learning environment research projects being conducted in North America. These have been selected by a panel of experts to represent a snapshot of evidence being collated on the impact of innovative teaching spaces, with a particular focus on how we are (or should be) maximizing teachers’ use of innovative learning environments.

TRANSITIONS 18 will explore:

What are teachers doing (well) when transitioning from traditional classrooms to innovative learning

  1. What strategies are teachers using that are working in ILEs?
  2. How do teachers adjust to changes in learning spaces?
  3. How might we enable people, practice, and place when transitioning from traditional classrooms to innovative learning environments?
  4. What examples are there of effective learning environments in schools?
  5. What are the challenges for teachers/students in adapting to new spaces?

Be part of a growing international network of educators, architects, researchers and peak groups, researching and working to build understanding of how learning spaces influence teaching and learning in schools, hospitals, universities and libraries.

For full details visit ILETC

The Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change (ILETC) is LEaRN's active Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project funded from 2016-2019 and lead by The University of Melbourne.

Image credit: Canyon View High School Construction, DLR Group. Photo courtesy of DLR Group.