Python is a general purpose programming language ideal for a wide variety of research needs.

As a researcher you may waste a lot of time wrestling with software and teaching yourself programming.

This valuable time is better spent doing what you're best at — researching! The answer? Python!

Python is a general purpose programming language widely used in academia and industry for its ability to quickly automate a wide variety of tasks.

Our beginner's workshop is aimed at researchers in the Parkville precinct with no coding experience. Material covered includes:

  • Data types
  • Lists and dictionaries
  • Conditionals (If/Else)
  • For and While Loops
  • Functions
  • Error Handling
  • File I/O
  • String manipulation

We also regularly hold Python meetups! Keep an eye on @resplat to get a heads up when they're happening.

All our events are FREE. To attend you must be from an AAF institution (this includes University of Melbourne and surrounding institutes).

Duration: Around twelve hours for a workshop, or a few hours for a meetup.

Format: Two days during business hours for a workshop. The meetups run in the evening after business hours.

Frequency: Monthly

What you need: You will need to bring your own laptop and work through the installation instructions before arriving.

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Kahli Flekac, Python trainer

Jon Garber, Python trainer