Introduction to Ubuntu

Are you concerned about viruses and malware? Do you hate it when your computer is running slow or crashes? Are you looking for stability and dependability? Do you like free things?

Ubuntu is a free and open source Linux distribution. We recommend Linux to researchers at the University of Melbourne because most research software is written on and for Linux.

This training will provide a gentle introduction to basic Ubuntu usage, including logging into a virtual machine, basic commands in the terminal, sudo commands, installing software on Ubuntu, and transferring data to and from your virtual machine.

This training is FREE. To attend you must have a University of Melbourne account (staff and students permitted).

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Duration: 2 hours

Format: Single day workshop

Frequency: Monthly

What you need: You will need to bring your own laptop with internet access, a web browser and X2Go installed. Work through the installation instructions for X2Go before arriving.


X2Go instructions:

Command line tutorial:

Ubuntu community:

Linux community: (edited)

Meirian Lovelace-Tozer (@MeirianLT), Ubuntu Trainer

Meirian is a teacher, consultant and senior community co-ordinator at the University of Melbourne. She offers training in Ubuntu and LaTeX at Research Platform Services. Her other areas of interest include data analysis, operations research and statistics, which she also teaches at the University.

Meirian loves teaching and is enthusiastic about enabling others to benefit from the skills that she teaches! Get in touch with Meirian for more information about Ubuntu training, events, and community support.