The Digital Research Skills Cookbook

Research Platform Services is excited to announce the publication of The Digital Research Skills Cookbook: An Introduction to the Research Bazaar Community.

This new publication is a guide to learning and teaching digital research tools. It also explains how to build your own research community.

Each chapter includes introductory information about the latest digital tools and ‘challenges’ that encourage innovative and effective pedagogy. Material is organized to facilitate practical application of digital research skills and to encourage ‘learning by doing.'

The book includes step-by-step, visual introductions to learning and teaching the following tools: Python, R Studio, Matlab, Twitter Scraping, Textual Analysis with NLTK, TinkerCAD, Inventor,  Fusion360, 3D Slicer, Omeka and LaTex.

Employing the latest pedagogical practices, the Digital Research Skills CookBook ensures learning is open and accessible to all.

Whether you want to teach yourself or start your own Research Bazaar, this is the book for you!

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  • Testimonials

    "As a former engineer and academic returning back to private sector, it's imperative that PhD students keen to move into industry learn valuable transferrable skills. Converting data into key insights, and communicating them to key stakeholders is a powerful combination of skills that are always in high demand. The ResBaz book helps readers build this powerful combination by teaching them how to harness and communicate the power of data."

    Dr Paul J. Mignone
    Principal - Energy and Technology Research at BHP

    “The Research Bazaar grew out of the conviction that Free and Open Source Software and community have the power to change the world for the better and a desire to help researchers support each other on their quests for knowledge. In this introductory guide, users are introduced to the concepts of the Research Bazaar - the pedagogical foundations, the tools, and the philosophy - and invited to dip into using digital tools to enrich their work or take the plunge and host a conference. The passion that the Research Bazaar team brings to its every endeavour shines through this practical and accessible guide and invites readers to sample the wares at the bazaar.”

    Dr Fiona Tweedie
    Data Strategy Advisor, The University of Melbourne

    "Academia has a long tradition of conferences, seminars and journal papers for sharing what we are researching, but no established forum for discussing the nuts and bolts of how we are researching. This book - and the Research Bazaar conferences and communities it inspires - is the answer to this glaring hole in academic discourse."

    Dr Damien Irving
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere


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