Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK)

Analyse language usage and sentiment in large natural text corpora.

The Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) is a powerful tool for mining and analysing very large amounts of textual data using computational methods. NLTK workshops are aimed to introduce beginners interested in analysing text to NLTK, whether you’re a literature scholar or a bio informatics major researching your literature review, NLTK can help you.

This course is FREE. To attend you must be from an AAF institution (this includes University of Melbourne and surrounding institutes).

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Duration: 9 hours

Format: 2 sessions of 4.5 hours

Frequency: Every two months

What you need: You will need to bring your own laptop.

Find NLT documentation at

Daniel Gil (@danielgil), NLTK Trainer

Daniel is a Computer Scientist pursuing a Master in Data Science at the University of Melbourne, he has 10+ years of experience in the industry and has been involved in IT projects for different industries like banking, airlines and manufacturing.

NLTK Trainer
Kim Doyle (@kim_doyle1), NLTK Trainer