Free, beautiful typesetting of large, complicated documents.

Ever try to write a document with many citations only to find your usual word processor can’t keep up? Do you have special typesetting requirements, such as heavy use of mathematical notation, and you need it to look professional?

LaTeX is a markup language focused on beautiful typesetting, and handles large, complicated documents with ease. It is a standard tool in scientific and technical fields, but is also well-suited to the needs of people in the humanities.

This workshop will provide a gentle introduction to basic LaTeX usage, with a focus on theses and articles. No prior knowledge of programming or mathematical notation is assumed, and you will leave with a LaTeX template that you can adapt for your own work.

This course is FREE. To attend you must be from an AAF institution (this includes University of Melbourne and surrounding institutes).

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Duration: 6 hours

Format: Single day workshop

Frequency: Monthly

What you need: You will need to bring your own laptop and work through the installation instructions before arriving.

The LaTeX trainer is Meirian Lovelace-Tozer (@MeirianLT)

Meirian recently completed a Masters in Mathematics & Statistics, with a focus on data analysis and operations research. She is conducting research with the Red Cross to optimise the blood collection process for donors.

LaTeX empowers her to typeset her research in a beautiful and professional manner. Meirian loves teaching and is enthusiastic about enabling others to benefit from using LaTeX.