Introduction to Git and GitHub

Distributed code management to empower software development and collaboration

Git is a distributed code management system widely used in industry and academia for software collaboration. For individuals, Git takes the fear out of experimenting with new ideas, and causes backups of your projects to naturally proliferate amongst all your devices.

Git is free, open source and cross-platform, so once you master it, it will continue to empower you through the rest of your life.

Our workshops are aimed at beginners, and cover multiple ways to use Git, including the GitHub Desktop app and Unix commands. Prior knowledge of coding and the Unix command line is not assumed.

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Duration: 6 hours

Format: 1 day intensive

Frequency: Quarterly

Notes: You will need a laptop with MATLAB access (see the installation page).

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Errol Lloyd (@maegul), trainer for interactive web apps

Errol is currently completing a PhD in systems neuroscience studying the fundamental mechanisms and circuits behind how the visual system allows us to see.

Along the way, he has acquired the minor research super power of creating interactive web apps for both understanding and communicating his data and research.  It excites him that, unknown to many researchers, they can have this minor super power too.