Digital Doctoral Diaries

At Research Platform Services, we care about our Graduate Researchers! To help researchers achieve their publishing goals, we not only provide digital tools training and community, we also facilitate a range of dynamic projects and initiatives to develop networking, presentation skills and career orientation.

In 2018, our Research Consultant Dr Tyne Daile Sumner ran an exciting new project called Digital Doctoral Diaries: Publishing During Your PhD.

A pilot project funded by the Student Services Amenities Fees (SSAF) grant scheme, Digital Doctoral Diaries was aimed at highlighting the journeys of Graduate Researchers at the University of Melbourne who have used digital tools to publish their work during their PhD.

Participants each received $1,500, attended a ‘presenting to camera’ workshop, presentation training, and were guided through the development of their own professional film.

They were selected based on several key criteria, including:

  • Must have published a piece of research associated with their PhD that used a digital research tool to either generate, analyse or visualise results
  • Have an interesting story to tell about their research publication journey (‘ups & downs’, barriers, challenges, and triumphs)
  • Open to a new learning experience, challenges and willing to share their film with the research community to spread the word about how Graduate Researchers can ‘work smarter, not harder’

Our two selected participants were Debjit Bhowmick and Sila Genc, both PhD students at the University of Melbourne in 2018.

Take a look at their films to see how you too can use digital tools in your research!