Advanced Linux and Shell Scripting for HPC

Empower your usage of HPC with advanced Linux shell scripting

Basic job submission scripts in Slurm allow for the allocation of resources and computation in batch mode. However these job submissions can be made even more powerful and flexible with a working knowledge of shell scripting and more advanced Slurm commands.

This course assumes knowledge of the Introduction to High Performance Computing course and describes more advanced Linux commands, regular expressions, the text manipulation programs sed and awk, various shells, the use of variables, loops, conditional statements, the incorporation of shell scripting knowledge in job submission scripts, and autogenerating scripts with heredoc.

This course is FREE. To attend you must be from an AAF institution (this includes University of Melbourne and surrounding institutes).

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Duration: 5 hours

Format: 1 day intensive

Frequency: Quarterly

What you need: Please bring your laptop and a desire to make your supercomputer job submission scripts even more powerful.

Lev, Lead Trainer in HPC

Lev Lafayette, Lead Trainer for everything related to High Performance Computing, Spartan, Linux shell scripting and parallel programming