3D Slicer

Visualise and analyse your DICOM datasets (CT, MRI etc) to produce beautiful visualisations for 3D printing, anatomical teaching, surgical planning and simulation.

3D Slicer is a free and open source software package for medical image analysis and scientific visualisation.

3D Slicers platform provides functionalities for image segmentation, registration and three-dimensional visualisation of multimodal image datasets such as CT and MRI datasets, for applications including 3D printing, teaching, surgical planning and surgical simulation.

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Duration: 6 hours

Format: 1 X 6 hour session

Frequency: Quarterly

Notes: Bring your own computer and mouse


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Austin Health @3Dmed Lab https://3dmedlab.org.au/

Gordon Chen (@ghjchen), 3D Slicer Trainer

Gordon is currently studying medicine and working with the 3DMedLab at the Austin Health Hospital, enabling medical researchers to optimise patient outcomes through 3D models for surgical planning, simulation and patient education. He’d love to show others how they take their medical imaging to create 3D anatomical models to succeed in their research goals.