figshare is the University’s system for publication of research data, supplementary material and other non-traditional research outputs. figshare makes published data more discoverable and can aid in building your research profile. The system can also be used for the simple sharing of data, for online widgets to view your data, and for keeping versions of datasets.

    Collections or data can obtain a citable DOI to be used in publications, presentations and online articles, and can be used for citation analysis. While simple access control is available, figshare is a cloud managed service with much functionality aimed at "publishing", so is not recommended for sensitive or private data.

    Key features of Research Platform Services’ institution figshare service include:

    • Showcase the your research output
    • Obtain DOI for citation of your research works
    • Generate private link sharing of your research outcome
    • Handle any file format
    • User friendly web interface that can be accessed anywhere

Use Cases

  • Publish Research Outputs with DOI

Further Information