DaRIS (Distributed and Reflective Informatics System) is a bio-medical imaging data management application. The primary use of DaRIS is to work with data from imaging scanners like MRI and PET/CT.

Key features of Research Platform Services’ DaRIS service include:

  • The ability to receive DICOM data (a ubiquitous medical imaging standard) directly from imaging scanners. DaRIS can also handle raw data (requires specialised upload clients per scanner type). Data can be uploaded also in many other ways
  • The data are organised into a fixed, meaningful subject-oriented structure within each DaRIS project
  • Users log in to a web-based interface to find their data and then dispatch it to computational environments (such as Spartan). The transfer can include format conversion from DICOM to more useful formats like NIfTI
  • Data can be queried, downloaded and uploaded via an API (Application Programming Interface) for example by workflows
  • Processed data can be returned to DaRIS
  • User can use University credential (via the Australian Access Federation) or local account (for external and non-AAF collaborators)
  • Highly secure (with optional encryption at rest capabilities) and auditable environment

How to Apply

Please use the links below to request your DaRIS project space:

Further Information