NCI LIEF (LE190100021) Information

The University of Melbourne is pleased to announce our partnership in a LIEF grant to provide access to 10 million Service Units (SU) per annum at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) for the University of Melbourne research community.  This allocation will be available to researchers wishing to establish computationally intensive research projects, to extend existing NCMAS projects, or to explore the potential of the national peak facility.

Allocations are awarded for each quarter and are reviewed by a resource allocation committee and a technical team. See below for the 2019 deadlines.

Access is at no cost to the user, but is based on merit.


Submission deadline

Notification date

Q1 2019 (closed)

Feb 22

Mar 01

Q2 2019 (closed)

Mar 15

Mar 22

Q3 2019 (open)

May 31

Jun 14

Q4 2019

Aug 30

Sep 16

Applications received after the deadline will be considered at the discretion of the review committee.

You can find a copy of the submission template here.

Please email any questions and completed forms to

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a Service Unit?
    A Service Unit (SU) is a way of calculating the usage of services, and is based on core hours.  
    For example, a XSU = factor * wall time * core hours, where the factor for UoM researchers is 1.0.
  • Can I run containers at NCI?
    There is limited container support using Singularity.  A consultation with the NCI support team will be required to set this up.
  • What is the price per core hour at NCI?
    Cores are charged at a rate of $0.04 per hour (this is not charged directly to the user)
  • What computing platforms are available at NCI?
    You can find a list of the NCI compute hardware here: