Presenting at ResBaz2019

Are you interested in presenting at the Research Bazaar 2019 Conference? We have a number of different opportunities to present:

  • Speaker: ‘Keystory’- If you are a Professor or Professional researcher tell your story of how you completed your PhD.  What reflections do you have now and what advice can you provide to help complete a PhD in three years?Examples of past key stories include:

Dr. Yen Lim. “It's a long way to the top (If you wanna rock n roll)”
Dr. Kerry Halupka. “You are more than you think”
Dr. Suelette Dreyfus. “Serendipity, Research, Assange and Changing the World with Information”

  • University service, consultancy or technology - do you provide a researcher service which can help expedite research, such as scientific instruments, expert consultancy or cool technologies?
  • Panelist: Share your experiences in using digital tools in your research or insights on the work you do in your specific department as a researcher or to support the researcher community.
    Past panellists we’ve had include:

Alexander Sims, Python community member.     
Dr. Natalia Grincheva, researcher at the Digital Studio.
Adam Lodders. Executive Officer of the Network Society Institute

  • Sponsors: This is a great opportunity to connect with the graduate and international researchers on campus, during the a high volume period - Orientation Week! Get in touch today to discuss tailored sponsor packages which help you maximise your contribution to this event.

If interested in any of the areas above, please contact Product & Marketing Manager Sonia Ramza: