Mediaflux is a general and extensible data management platform for managing digital assets. You can read a little about it here.

Key features of Research Platform Services’ Mediaflux service include:

  • Capable of handling unstructured or structured (e.g. data models) data of any type
  • Rich and configurable meta-data environment supporting data to help users better describe and search for their digital assets
  • Advanced features allowing users to access (upload/download) data in different ways (e.g. web, Java client) and with many different protocols (e.g. HTTPS, SFTP, SMB)
  • Highly secure (with optional encryption at rest capabilities) and auditable environment
  • Access using your University credentials (via the Australian Access Federation). Local user account is also available for external and non-AAF collaborators
  • Extremely extensible environment with many customisable application programming interfaces (API) available

Use Cases

  • Store Sensitive/Identifiable Human Subject Research Data

  • Transfer Data from High-throughput Research Instruments

  • Long-term Data Storage for HPC/Spartan Users


To request new Mediaflux project space:

To report issues regrading Mediaflux:

Further Information