Cypher AFM blueDrive Upgrade

Our Cypher AFM, the world's highest resolution AFM, has had an upgrade. It now has even better resolution!

Traditionally, AFM cantilevers are oscillated in tapping mode through piezoacoustic excitation, however the cantilever response is often far from ideal. The Cypher's new  blueDrive excitation mechanism produces an almost perfect response by directly exciting the cantilever photothermally. This provides significant performance and ease of use benefits for all tapping mode techniques, giving simpler, more stable, and more quantitative results on a sample's topography, mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties.

The Cypher is an extremely versatile AFM and the new upgrade has allowed us to push it to its limits. To arrange training or service imaging on the Cypher or to discuss your research's potential to utilise AFMs, please contact Dr Christine Browne

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Christine Browne