Mechanical testing

Mechanical Testing provides information on the mechanical properties of your material

Two Instron instruments are available, capable of collecting data in either tensile or compression modes.

The laboratory can provide a variety of services in ambient conditions including:

  • Tensile properties
  • Compressive properties
  • Strain using a static clip on extensometer
  • Sample Preparation
  • Data interpretation and analysis
  • Consultancy and integration into research programs
  • Specifications

    Instrument: Instron 5569 Electromechanical Universal Tester

    Manufacturer: Instron

    Load Cell Max 50kN

    Instrument: Instron 5848 Electromechanical Micro Tester

    Manufacturer: Instron

    Load Cell Min 5N

    Load Cell Max 5kN

    Access to ASTM and Australian Standards

  • Access

    Services are available on a fee-for-service basis, operated by the Platform Support Officer. Please contact Liz to discuss the questions you would like answered.

    Services are booked per-hour with a minimum of 2 hours. Please contact Liz for pricing or a quote.

  • Sample preparation

    You will need to discuss your sample requirements with Liz prior to submitting samples.

  • Additional resources