Cypher AFM

The Cypher is currently the highest resolution AFM on the market.

Cypher™ AFM, the first totally new small sample AFM/SPM in over a decade. More capability, more control, more functionality, more modularity, and more resolution – all with >20X faster scanning and striking ease of use.


  • Maximum image area x/y: 30 µm, z: 5 µm.
  • Maximum sample size: 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm  (if your sample is bigger please contact us to discuss about it)
  • Resolution: 0.6 Å in the  X and Y directions and 0.5 Å in the Z direction
  • Manufacturer: Asylum Research

Choose this instrument for:

  • Closed loop imaging from tens of microns down to atomic scales
  • Small cantilevers for high-speed scanning
  • High-speed, low-noise force measurements
  • High-bandwidth data acquisition
  • Diffraction-limited optical sample viewing/imaging
  • Automated laser alignment


We can train you to do your own work, collaborate or do consulting work (fee for service).
For trained users, book via the booking system.
The instrument is booked per session (6 hours).
Morning session: 8am-2pm // Afternoon session: 2pm-8pm

Sample preparation

In the process of sample preparation for AFM it is very important to minimise dust and contamination.
Our facility has a specific are for samples preparation which has two laminar flow hoods and all the material required.
For further advise on sample preparation please contact Tian.

Additional resources

For new users to this instrument, please contact Tian to arrange training.
Acoustic and Vibration isolation (Model TS-150)
Cantilevers available for purchasing:

  • Bruker MLCT ($35/u)
  • Budget Sensors Tap300-G ($30/u)