Melbourne Trace Analysis for Chemical, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Trace element analysis is the measurement of very small concentrations of specific elements present in a sample.

The capability

The Melbourne Trace Analysis for Chemical, Earth and Environmental Sciences (TrACEES) Platform is dedicated to providing high quality and unique surface and chemical analysis, technical support and expertise for research and industry in chemical, materials, environmental and life sciences together with ongoing training of research students and staff.

The University platforms

TrACEES Platform is funded by Melbourne Research Infrastructure (Melbourne Collaborative Research Infrastructure Program), together with Faculties of Science, Veterinary and Agricultural Science, and Arts. It is the first University platform to support existing and initiate new research requiring high quality surface chemical analysis, trace elemental and speciation analysis, and associated structural chemical analysis. There is a growing demand for building up analysis capabilities and infrastructure to meet these requirements which will further the research endeavours of the University.

TrACEES photo


The Platform facilitates coordinated access to three physical nodes, located on the University's Parkville Campus; Chemistry, Geosciences and Soil. For more detailed information on the TrACEES platform and nodes, please follow the link below.

TrACEES website

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