Melbourne Clinical and Translational Science platform

MCATS is a collaborative research platform providing support for research question development, Biostatistics, Health informatics (e.g. REDCap, e-health), Health Economics and translational capability for your health project.

The MCATS capability

MCATS is embedded within the University of Melbourne. The platform supports health and clinical research including the design of clinical trials and quantitative studies through coordinated access to Biostatistics, Health Economics, Health Informatics and research governance. The Platform also offers other key services including the design and implementation of clinical and translational research in addition to workshops and training within these fields.


Underpinning the sound application of statistical methods in clinical research, MCATS provides access to biostatisticians to support clinical trial and quantitative study design and the analysis and reporting of data from such studies.

Health economics

MCATS provides coordinated access to health economists at the University of Melbourne to support assessment of efficiency, equality and quality of health care production.

Health informatics

MCATS offers services in systematic data acquisition and analysis associated with health care including data linkage and privacy protection methods including identity matching and de-identification, data organisation, representation (clinical vocabularies), and analysis and visualisation. The data platform REDCap is supported within the platform. With the reliance on interactive health communication tools ever increasing, MCATS provides services in methodology support to conduct and evaluate health interventions based on the use of eHealth through media such as telehealth, mobile health systems and social media.

Research governance

Protection of research participants and the safety and quality of research is an important part of clinical trial design and execution and the promotion of good research culture and practice. MCATS provides support in the navigation through privacy and confidentiality policies, financial probity, legal and health regulatory matters, risk management and monitoring arrangements.


Workshops are provided on an ongoing basis to support your knowledge and understanding of Biostatistics, Health Economics, Health informatics and good clinical practice.

Melbourne Clinical and Translational Science platform
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