Find out more about the process of converting a diverse range of information formats within objects, into a single binary code that can be read by electronic devices.

The Capability

The term digitisation is given to the process of converting a diverse range of information within objects, sound, images or audio into a single binary code (where data constituents exist as a collection of 1s or 0s) that can be read by electronic devices.

The University Platforms

Melbourne Digitisation is a centre of excellence within the University of Melbourne, hosting substantial state-of-the-art digitisation infrastructure.

The range of services offered to University staff and researchers include;

  • Scanning services: books (including fragile), maps, posters, loose documents and papers, transparencies and negatives
  • Transformation of text type documents (for example thesis) to digital format to produce and editable digital surrogate
  • 3D scanning
  • Self-service scanning on a range of equipment (at no cost)
  • Training and consultation on major projects

With significant technical expertise in this area, digitisation work at the University of Melbourne complies with and exceeds all relevant international standards. It is provided on a fee for services basis to the research community during standard operating hours. Please contact the University Digitisation Centre for further information.

University Digitisation Centre
+61 3 9035 5726