Why partner with us

Together, we can solve today’s most pressing challenges.

We work with a broad range of organisations including companies of all sizes, not-for-profits, other academic institutions and all levels of government to grow collaborative relationships which are built on trust and a shared vision for a mutually beneficial partnership.

As a partner, you will gain access to cutting-edge research and facilities, acquire talent, co-develop and commercialise new technologies, and strengthen your reputation.

Why choose partnership

Solve today's most pressing challenges

Combining resources and expertise helps us achieve what we can’t hope to do independently. Together, we can work better to benefit society and the world. Forge a partnership with us to advance research, innovation, education and economic growth.

Capture opportunities in a changing world

Partnerships create valuable opportunities in a complex and ever-changing world. They help us and our collaborators stay at the forefront of rapid technological change. Access to the latest research, technologies and infrastructure helps our partners adapt and stay competitive.

Why our collaborators choose us

Global leader in research

We are consistently ranked as a leading university for research globally*. Our partners have priority access to our innovation precinct and facilities and world-class experts to help solve complex problems. Working with us, you’ll drive innovation of new technologies, products and services.
*Times Higher Education World University ranking 2022.

Strong reputation

We have a proud track record for intellectual rigour and research governance, and have established close relationships with cultural institutions, government, industry, not-for-profits and community organisations. As our partner, we'll support you to strengthen your brand, attract talent, customers, and work towards positioning yourself as a market leader.

Joint funding opportunities

A range of government funding opportunities are available for partners to jointly pursue with us. Leveraging financial resources facilitates ambitious collaboration to drive innovation and contribute to mutual growth and success.

Talent recruitment and development

Our partners have many opportunities to engage with our talent. When you work with us, you’ll tap into a diverse pool of more than 400,000 alumni and 80,000 students with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to succeed.

How our partners work with us

Open and collaborative relationship

We believe that trust, openness and flexibility lead to lasting results. We work with organisations whose strategic objectives align with our own to form valuable long-term partnerships. These partnerships bring together complementary expertise and resources to achieve what cannot be done alone.

Creating a shared vision to achieve impact

There are many ways we can work together. We can work with you to create a shared vision and purpose to drive our partnership towards a mutual goal. And as we build our relationship and establish common interests, our partnership can evolve and grow.

A streamlined experience

As a partner, you have a dedicated relationship manager who is your link to the University. They are your key point of contact, helping you navigate the University environment and access a broad range of resources and expertise. They provide ongoing support and ensure objectives and timelines are met. Communicating with you frequently, they can help you capture additional opportunities that are aligned with your priorities.

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Success stories

Explore how we have worked with multinational companies, schools, community organisations, industry startups and government to build their businesses and communities to impact society and the environment.

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