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Making irrigated agriculture more sustainable

We work with organisations whose strategic objectives are aligned with our own.

We're committed to long-term partnerships that are based on trust, openness and shared goals. As a partner, you’ll have access to the infrastructure and resources that translate ideas into impact.

We can help with things like delivering safe water supplies and planning better short and long-term water management – as well as bringing farmers, communities and traditional owners together to develop strategies for managing the impact of our changing climate.

Our partnership with Rubicon Water is helping to conserve irrigation water – and solve a problem concerning the world's greatest resource.

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Indian farmer woman in farm field

Helping farmers survive drought

Less than 70 per cent of distributed irrigation water reaches farms – it's lost in transit through leakage, seepage, evaporation and measurement errors.

As part of a long-term partnership with us, Rubicon Water has developed a much-needed system for automating irrigation, enabling up to 90 per cent of distributed water to reach farms. The collaboration has also helped transform Rubicon from start-up to a publicly listed company, helping increase their impact globally.

  • Impact: Farms worldwide are surviving drought, increasing crop yields and saving billions of litres of water each year
  • Innovation: Total Channel Control® – a system for automating irrigation
  • Partner: Rubicon Water
  • Partnership approach: Jointly developed IP

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"Our partnership with the University of Melbourne has been instrumental in our ability to deliver solutions that solve the complex water-efficiency problems faced by irrigation districts and farmers around the world. The technological breakthroughs in the automation of channel and pipeline networks are the foundation of our position as market leaders in gravity-fed irrigation.

"Our recent collaboration with the University in the field of irrigation scheduling is further expanding our capability to increase the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of irrigated agriculture, from water source to crop."

Bruce Rodgerson, CEO of Rubicon Water

With expertise spanning all facets of water security, food production and ecosystems,  we can work with your organisation in numerous ways .

Whether you have a specific challenge to overcome, or you’re interested in finding out about potential opportunities for your organisation to collaborate with us, get in touch now to start a conversation.

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